A quick introduction to selfbondage equipment

A quick introduction to selfbondage equipment

On our site, you can find everything to realize your selfbondage scenario. The magnet lock as same as the ice lock is the last step which will later unlock so you can then untie yourself.

But the best selfbondage lock is nothing without the right basic gear - which this article will cover.

First of all, you need cuffs for wrists and/or ankles. There are quite a lot options out there for what kind of cuffs you can use, such as chains (beware of pressure marks), ropes (not too thin), leather cuffs (lockable) or metal cuffs.

You can link the cuffs together or lock them to a fix point. Therefore you will need quite a lot of connecting elements. Shackles and snap hooks come in handy. While the first can be easily closed but also opened, the second can be tightened with pliers so they can’t be opened by hand anymore. It’s also possible to use cable ties. Please consider that you can destroy them easily by twisting them.

Padlocks are also a good choice. Some of them have sharp edges, but you can round them by using sandpaper with a medium grit. Don’t buy too cheap as some made in China padlocks can easily jam which is quite embarrassing in a selfbondage session.

Think about how to do the last “click”. The most straightforward is using standard handcuffs which can be easily closed. The selfbondage lock will open them finally. You can interconnect both cuffs or fix the handcuffs to another fixing point, so as soon as you are free, you can get the keys and open them.

The easiest way is to use the magnetic lock MagBound®. It does the last “click”, so you can use your favourite cuffs without relying on standard handcuffs.

Using the ice lock is a bit more tricky. You can either tie your hands together and then lock them to a fixing point by the ice lock, for example with a padlock or cable ties or you can tie your hands directly to the ice lock. Cable ties can be tightened quite easily and you only have to ensure that you won’t be able to destroy them by turning them. Use a little ring in between for example.

By considering the above hints you should be able to plan and realise a nice session. Think about the safety rules and the scenario itself before you go for sure.

To finish the article, there is still one selfbondage life hack for you. Take a snap hook and put a small item inside to hold it in an open state, e.g. a rubber. If you grab the hook with a loop you push the item away and the hook will automatically close. But make sure you have a working selfbondage lock or you will never be released!

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