Beware of this lock !

Beware of this lock !

A time lock with a digital display, timer setting on a per second basis, rechargeable battery, compact, light and cheap. It seems too good to be true? It is!  Nevertheless, the idea was good, a timer only for the purpose of selfbondage, which opens after a known amount of time. The project though lacks of quality and more important: safety!

Problem No. 1: the slender steel wire

The product should be as compact as possible, of course. The hands should be tied tightly together. As a result of this, the diameter of the steel wire is only (xx) and it can easily rip apart. In addition, the connection to the lock is not robust at all. Those who are willing to open the lock can do so quickly and without any issues. The only obstacle is the price which is low, but still too high for a single use product.

Problem No. 2: the electronics

Everybody knows, that one should not rely completely on software or electronics, if your life depends on it. User of the lock are reporting of malfunctions, for example the absence of battery low warnings. Sometimes, the lock is shutting down for no reason. It appears that there are no fail resistant mechanisms integrated in the electronics.

Problem No. 3: opening mechanism

The lock doesn't open automatically after the expiration of the count-down. Instead, a tiny motor is turning and unblocking a button on the side. By pressing the button, the steel wire is released and so the lock can open. In conclusion, an action is necessary to unlock it and the wire must not be under tension. If yes, one may not be able to push the button. At this point, it can get dangerous. The lock has to be reachable for the hands and the hands have to be fully functional thus not too cold and not numb.

Problem No. 4: fail safety

To make it short: The lock is NOT fail-safe. It is quite the contrary. Every imaginable malfunction leads to the case, that the lock does not open anymore. Empty battery? The lock won't open. Defect motor? The lock won't open. Non working electronics? etc. The only error protection so to say is the possibility to destroy the lock in case of emergency. It is better though not to rely on that, because being able to destroy the lock depends on the bondage scenario as well as the type of cuffs, the fatigue in the arms and may vary very much.


Because of the big number of possible mistakes, the lock should only be used, if there is no real danger to life like on a chastity belt. Everything else should be avoided or other releases should be added as a backup. Consider to invest a bit more and buy a lock you don't need to worry about as much. And always play safe!

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