1.) How to Selfbondage

Method of ice melting

Water changes its state from solid to liquid very slowly by the usual room temperature of 20 °C. It can be used to delay the access of the key, for example. The ends of two ropes may be put in a cup filled with water frozen to create a selfbondage. One side of the rope can be suspended to the ceiling, the other side can be fixed to the key. As soon as the ice melts, the rope with the key will fall down within reach. It's important to add weight to the key so it falls down for sure and makes a signaling sound. The benefit of a method is its simplicity, the drawback is that it is almost impossible to predict the exact time of melting, even with lots of testing. It depends on the position of the ropes, the amount of ice and the ambient temperature. Besides it is not always easy to reach the key if it doesn't drop as needed.

Combination lock

There are two options how to use the combination lock.

1. It takes a lot of time to find out the code if you don't know it. There are 1000 possible combinations if you have a lock with three numbers. Counting two seconds for each combination it will take half an hour to try them all. Statistically it takes only half of the time to find out the code.
The lock with four numbers allows 10 000 combinations and takes about five hours to try them all. The benefit is, that there is no need of preparation, all you need is a combination lock. On the other hand, you will need an extreme amount of concentration to get free. Besides, the process is monotonous and fatiguing, it may even happen to accidentally skip the correct code.

2. Even if you know the code, it is possible to hide the lock out of your sight. In this case, darkness prevents you from entering the correct code. A little lamp, a timer or the natural light of sunrise can be used to get free. It can be interesting to take a combination lock of four or even five digits. For more safety, it is better to use two independent timers just in case that one doesn’t work properly. The benefit of this method is the possibility to determine the exact time for getting free. The drawback is that you have to see the combination lock for sure.

Method with a watch

The hand of a clock turns around, so by putting a key with a ring on the hand you can know precisely when it will fall down. The benefit is that you can plan the exact time, but on the another hand, the watch is a mechanical system and may fail. The key can also jam or fall down in a way that you can't reach it.

The distance method

Instead of locking away the key for an exact time, it is also possible to lock it in a place of choice, which would be so far away that it takes time and effort to get there. For example, you can be forced to walk through a forest or to crawl through the house. The mobility can be so low that even short distances will take a while. The advantage is that no special tools are required and the way itself is part of the adventure. The downside is the amount of preparation needed in advance. It is also complicated not to be seen by anybody, if wished. In addition to that, there are not many ways being tied up and still move along.

Cell phone method

The vibration of a cell phone can be used as release method. You can put your phone on the edge of a table, underneath you put the key ring, so that the key would hang in the air. When the programmed alarm brings the phone to vibrate, it moves the ring and the key falls down. It is important to think about the correct position of the key so it falls easily by the smallest movement. The benefits are clear: the exact timing and easy use. It can happen though that the smartphone suddenly freezes or that the timer is accidentally programmed in a wrong way.

2.) FAQ

What is selfbondage?

Selfbondage, like the name already says, means being tied up without the participation of others. It is often practiced if there are no other persons to share this kind of erotic games. The aim of such bondage games is the sexual pleasure and excitement about being immobilized. The only problem is to get free again after the session. It has to be hard to get free during the selfbondage session but it has to be easily possible after a while. There are different safe methods availably to release yourself after a while.

Which ways are there to practice selfbondage?

There are countless possibilities for selfbondage. It depends only on your fantasy! The limit for these pleasant games is the safety. You mustn't hurt yourself nor getting stucked. Always prepare your session seriously and don’t forget that everybody makes mistakes, so maybe it is better to have a an emergency release, especially with complicated scenarios.

Which difficulties may arrise when doing selfbondage?

It can get really tricky or even critical when trying to get out of your selfbondage position. There are never too many safety concerns when practicing selfbondage. Think about unlikely events, too like fire or earthquake. In this case, releasing yourself is vital! Besides, sometimes even the duration of the session can get troublesome. Ropes may get pulled too tight, a collar can lead to suffocation, panic may overwhelm you and disturb your breathing, your hands might swell up or you may faint.
Your plan, reaching the key may fail for many reasons. Handcuffs might be too tight and your hands begin to swell. If there is no back-up release or nobody is near to help you, it can get very dangerous. Unfortunately there are many cases we know where people were found dead, often because of chocking.

Something else to mention about selfbondage?

Like in all another BDSM-games, safety is the number one priority. Seducing thoughts and fantasies can appear very differently in real life. It is better to take it slow in the beginning. It will help you experiencing if things are as exciting as expected. Thing about a failsafe release. You will find plenty of ready solutions especially on this website.

What is failsafe?

Let's take for example the principle of melting ice. There is no other physical ways then that the ice is going to melt sooner or later. The second example would be an electric magnet which takes its energy from a battery. The capacity of a battery is always limited and there is no other way then the electric magnet being no longer locked as soon as it get's empty.