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Selfbondage Ice lock with chair mount - 1 hour lock


Havea look at our 100% safe time lock for selfbondage.adventures. Brandnew with a mount for the wall, chair or similar

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Attach handcuffs, zip ties or ropes at each end. Use it indoor or outdoor.

The two piece ice lock is filled up with water and placed in the freezer. It can then be used as a time lock. The ice is holding the two pieces with loops at each end together. Once the ice is completely melted, the pieces can be pulled apart and the lock is open again. It cannot have a failure and is therefore very safe.

Thank to the thermal insulation, only a little amount of water is needet. In addition the lock is pretty tight and therefore releases the water only when opening. The concept prevents movement of the inner part so the locking time cannot be shortened by manipulation.

The mount which fits the lock perfectly is included. Just use three screws to fix it to a chair, a wall, the ground or other furniture.

Please consider that the locking time is an approximation and depends on several factors:
- settings/temperature of the freezer
- ambient temperatur at usage
- filling amount

For maximum locking time, keep it long enough in the freezer.

Comes without handcuffs, padlocks, chair, etc.

The lock including the mount has a size of 55x55x40 mm. Very few millilitre of water are sufficient to get the maximum locking time.

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