Smart Timer für MagBound®


The Smart-Timer is what you need to coax out the full potential out of your MagBound® Lock! With this new timer, you can set a extremely accurate locking time through your smartphone, laptop, Tablet, PC or Smart-TV! The remaining locking time will just be displayed on your chosen device! And exclusivly for the first time : A randomize feature!

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Our smart timer is a completely self-designed development and product which is held up to the highest standards. Its simple use was designed acoordingly to avoid  programming errors and allow for exciting sessions! The Smart-Timer acts as a WLAN Hotspot , to which you can first connect your own device through your browser, and then your own Internet Network. You can access the Smart-Timer system on every device which is connected to the Network. There is no App-installation or anything of that sort nececcary!

The new Randomize feature is simple and effective! Set your maximal locking time and just press on start. The Lock will activate and show the randomly chosen time after a minute to create suspense.  Once the the time is revealed, there is no turning back!

Use the Smart Timer as a replacment or as an alternative to the analog MagBound® Timer. Its security feature is of course maintained through the use of a powerbank. This means that is there is a hardware or software error, the lock with open once the powerbank runs out of charge.

The colour of the timer casing may vary. The Interface is in English, however there are only a few Terms. We are currently working on expanding to more languages

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Smart Timer für MagBound®