Remote Light software for smart timer


Would you like to have power over your partner from afar? With the new remote light update you can achieve just that! With this new software you have the opportunity to manipulate the locking time during a session. You can increase the locking time, decrease it or pause completely. During these changes, the lock of course stays locked so that your bondage experience stays uninterrupted.

You will recieve the software data by mail after the purchase.

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Please be aware that you need the appropriate software and hardware to use this update. For example you will need to use some sort of programm, for example: Zoom, Teamviewer, Teams to be able to communicate (audio/video) with your sub so that the locking process is fully in your control.

After purchasing this update, you will receive a data package to download and install on your smart timer. Here are the new features this update brings:
- Increase and decrease locking time by 5 minutes
- Increase and decrease locking time by 1 hour
- Pause time (lock stays closed)
- Reset time ( lock opens)

WARNING: Please be aware that if the internet connection disconnects or the software you are using to communicate crashes, there will be no way to open the lock manually. One will either have to reestablish the connection or wait untill the powersource of the lock is empty.  Please make sure that the session ends appropriatly though the use of a mobile powersource ( powerbank) and that help is available in emergency situations.

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