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Selfbondage Starter Kit - icelock 1h + handcuffs


Just get going with our starter kit. You dont have any Selfbondage equipment? Time to jump right in with our Selfbondage Starter Kit

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This pack contains

Ice lock (0,5 - 4 Hours) Locking time-1 Hour
x 1
Handcuffs without chain Color-Silver
x 1

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With our starter kit, it coudn't be easier. Just pop the icelock into the freezer, and once the water has frozen solid take it out, attach and close the cuffs and the fun can begin!

This starter kit includes: 

• one icelock with a locking time of 1 hour

• two seperate handcuffs, where one can attach the ends to the icelock

• two small padlocks

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