Random Plus software addon for Smart Timer


Expand the possibilities of your adventures with this new addition to your smart timer!

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1. Lock mode
While the lock mode is active, you can no longer interact with the interface with your smart timer. This completely locks you out of any control so that a "reset" or a "stop" is no longer possible! With this feature, you can still freely use the device of your choosing without having the power to change or influence the timer.

2. Random Plus mode
Want a bit more freedom and excitement when using the already existing "Random" mode? Then this is the addon for you! With this mode, you can preset multiple time windows with the required minimum and maximum of locking time. The hook is that there is a programmable "jackpot" feature which when you activate might by chance keep you locked up for longer.
After your purchase you will receive a download file with the software update, which you only have to install on your Smart Timer.

WARNING! Always operate the lock with a power bank, which will automatically free you after it runs out of power, even if the timer should fail or be incorrectly programmed.

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