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Quick Shackles - custom made handcuffs

Quick Shackles - custom made handcuffs

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The Quick Shackles are always made to your custom size! Please measure your wrist circumference according to instructions in the picture gallery before purchasing .

These new handcuffs are a completely self-developed innovation. Just like classic police handcuffs they are easy to click together and can therefore be used very easily and quickly. Due to the ergonomic shape, they are very restrictive and but also comfortable to wear. The design is reminiscent of heavy and massive handcuffs, however ours do not cut into your skin and can be worn for extended periods of time. The Quick Shackles are made of sturdy hard plastic that sticks to the skin with its ergonomic, rounded shape and does not feel cold when being worn.

A specially developed steel spring ensures that the cuffs close very well. They even produce an satisfying click sound. This simple approach makes them very suitable for any bondage scenarios. They can be used for self-bondage and partner games.

Both Shackles are connected with a short stainless-steel chain, just like handcuffs.

Quick Cuffs are just as easy to open as they are to close. Use a screwdriver, a pen tip or the included key. Simply press down the spring behind the opening and pull the halves apart.

Please measure according to the instructions in the image gallery and we will manufacture with a suitable tolerance. You can also choose a size to fit your ankles. We also offer six different colors. From baby pastel shades to more serious colors such as silver or black. Just fully customize your restraints to your liking!

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