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Elegant Neck choker 10mm with Ring

Elegant Neck choker 10mm with Ring

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This exclusive choker with ring is the perfect accessory for people who appreciate timeless design and quality materials, but are looking for that certain captivating something.

The minimalist look of the choker adds an elegant touch to any outfit, while the ring clearly marks the wearer for the initiated. This is firmly attached to the choker and the slightly heavier weight means it always sits centrally on the neck.

The choker offers a smooth, polished finish. It is closed with an almost invisible Allen screw and can only be opened with a hex wrench (included).
Of course, it is designed to be escape-proof and robust, so that guide lines, chains or padlocks can be attached to the ring.

Inner circumference: approx. 35.5 cm
Inner diameter: 11,6 cm
Weight: approx. 350 g
Material: nickel-plated steel
Thickness: approx. 1.2 cm

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