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Clejuso No. 12 Stainless steel handcuffs

Clejuso No. 12 Stainless steel handcuffs

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Stability, quality and proven reliability - these are the characteristics of the Clejuso handcuff no. 12. Classic and traditional in terms of high quality and design, the handcuff from the experienced manufacturer also offers innovative advantages and therefore the best of both worlds.

Classic, traditional, tried and tested

Made from stainless steel, the Clejuso handcuff no. 12 is robust and hard-wearing. Everyday demands, such as pulling force and weather, are therefore no match for it. If necessary, the high-quality handcuff is also extremely easy to clean. Contamination can therefore be removed without any problems. 
The sturdy design also allows for space-saving storage. This is ensured by the two chain links that serve as a connection. The swivel joints make it easy to lock and unlock the handcuffs. The quick-locking mechanism makes it easier and quicker to put on the handcuffs. This handcuff can therefore also be relied on in situations where things get heated.

With an inner diameter of 150 to 200 millimetres, model no. 12 fits most wrists and can be adjusted quickly and precisely thanks to 15 locking positions. The 245 millimetre length continues to offer effective restriction without forcing you into overly straining positions.

Weight: 350 g

Color: silver

Smallest inner circumference: 150 mm

Largest inner circumference: 200 mm

Number of racks: 1

Number of teeth: 3

Double Lock: yes, safety slide

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