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Clejuso No. 13 - heavy handcuffs with chain

Clejuso No. 13 - heavy handcuffs with chain

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If a particularly high level of security is required, model no. 13 from Clejuso is the perfect choice. Manufactured in heavy quality, this model weighs an impressive 1,000 grams. But it's not just the weight - at 24 millimetres, the thickness can also stand up to some attempts at destruction.
Strong design, great security

In addition to its impressive weight and secure strength, the handcuff model also has several other advantages to offer. These include the quick-locking slider, which allows the handcuff to be applied even when things get hectic. With 16 locking positions and a variable inner diameter of 155 to 225 millimetres, the handcuff can be adjusted very precisely and also allows people with stronger wrists to be restrained. Unlike extreme special sizes, the Clejuso handcuff model can also be used for average sizes. The short chain connection with two links also effectively restricts freedom of movement.


Type: Chain

Key: Yes, two pieces

Material: Steel, nickel-plated

Weight: 1,000 g

Color: silver

Smallest inner circumference: 155 mm

Largest inner circumference: 225 mm

Number of racks: 1

Number of teeth: 3

Double lock: yes, pin lock

Locking positions: 16
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