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Coloured Metal Handcuffs out of Aluminium Alloy

Coloured Metal Handcuffs out of Aluminium Alloy

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These new handcuffs are strong as steel but are surprisingly light! This unique quality is achieved by using an aluminum-titanium alloy to create this product! Through this material, the handcuffs are extremely light despite the massive metal jaws, which are machined to the highest quality to portray a “massive” impression.

Another innovated aspect of these cuffs is the possibility to insert the key from both sides. With this, one does not have to think ahead when closing the handcuffs.

Furthermore, one half is colorfully anodized and differentiates from the generic variants which one can get on the market today.

The handcuffs offer 25 locking positions so that an accurate fit is possible!
The double locking feature is of course integrated into the locks design.

Technical Information
Circumference: 153 – 215 mm
Opening width:50 – 84 mm
Total length incl. chain: 24,5 cm
Chain length: 4,5 cm
Weight: 223 g
Total weight incl. key and bag: 259 g

Your delivery will include a pair of keys and a black bag from storing the handcuffs.
Disclaimer: There may be slight discoloration from the manufacturing process.

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