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Eternity Collar Slave Collar 8mm silver

Eternity Collar Slave Collar 8mm silver

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The Eternity Collar is a particularly delicate, elegant and modern accessory. Shaped as a perfect circle, the collar is minimalistic and graceful.

The slave collar is perfect for marking your ownership. It will always remind your sub who is the master here. At the same time, it is suitable to be worn around the clock.

Additionally, you have the choice whether the collar should be rather plain or whether you want to make more explicit innuendos in public with the included ring. With the help of the ring, you can also tie your slave much easier or attach a lead line.

Open and close the collar with the included hex key. Without the key, the choker remains securely closed and removal is impossible.

The collar is polished and cleanly crafted. The joint closes very smoothly and at the same time is hardly visible.

You can choose the inner circumference according to your needs.

Depending on the size you choose, the choker weighs only 185 - 220 grams. The key needed to put it on and take it off is of course included.

Material: stainless steel
Inner circumference: selectable
Thickness: approx. 8 mm
Weight: 185 - 220 g

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