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Eternity Cuffs with removable Rings

Eternity Cuffs with removable Rings

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Give your slave captivating jewelry that no one else will recognize! With these wrist rings you can move through your daily life without your kink being recognized. The elegant and ergonomic rings decorate and shine in everyday life.

The wrist bracelet can be worn 24/7 without any problems due to the rounded oval shape, easily marking what is yours. Removal of this accessory will only work with the matching key that only you will have.

In the bedroom, you can start immediately! Connect the rings and thus the hands by means of chains, ropes or cable ties and you can tie up your slave effectively and comfortably.

You can remove or attach the rings in the open state, depending on your mood!

Available in 4 different circumferences

Thickness: approx. 8 mm
Material: stainless steel, highly polished
Closure: Hexagon socket screw (almost invisible)
The wrench for the screw is included.

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