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Extreme Quick-Shackles - Cuffs in custom size with D-ring and click fastener

Extreme Quick-Shackles - Cuffs in custom size with D-ring and click fastener

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The Quick Shackles are made to measure. Nevertheless, you can choose from the standard sizes S, M and L. If you would like a personalized size, please measure your circumference according to the instructions in the picture gallery before purchasing! The wrist and ankle cuffs are always made with an allowance of 5 mm to the specified circumference to guarantee an optimal fit. The neck restraints have an allowance of 15 mm.

Our Quick-Shackles combine elegance, safety and comfort. They are fastened securely with a simple click and nestle gently around the wrists and ankles. The rounded shape and wide contact surface ensure even pressure distribution. For added security, the Quick-Shackles can be opened effortlessly using the pin or similar object supplied. With the integrated D-rings, both clamps can be tied together or attached separately to the wall, but they can also be connected with chains or ropes - the sky's the limit! Everyone is catered for in terms of color: from Leatherdaddy to Babygirl. Because the Quick-Shackles are so simple, comfortable and secure, they offer new possibilities for self-bondage, especially in combination with our ice or magnetic lock (see below). No more searching for keys or aching wrists - a premium product for couples and solo players.   

We can generally manufacture all desired sizes. Simply select the "individual" option when ordering and specify the wrist circumference. For the wrists, it is best to measure with a tape measure over the wrist knuckle. For the ankles, measure at the narrowest point (just above the ankle). We add a small allowance so that the ankle cuffs fit well.

A pair of Quick-Shackles with snap fasteners and a key pin are included.

Height of the shackles: 50 mm


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