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FrostLock® Pro - Self-bondage ice lock system with optional accessories

FrostLock® Pro - Self-bondage ice lock system with optional accessories

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It's time for the next level! The ice lock rethought: as compact as ever and more flexible than ever before. One lock, endless possibilities.

The FrostLock® Pro impresses with its simple and effective design. It has an M6 thread at both ends and is supplied with two matching eyelets as standard.

These can be removed and various accessories attached instead. Do you already have Segufix locks? No problem, simply buy the Segufix lock pins and screw them into your FrostLock.

Do you want rigid restraints that you can close and, above all, open on your own? No problem, get the custom-made handcuffs and screw them onto the FrostLock® before you get started. You've never been tied up so restrictively and securely at the same time!

The system is constantly being expanded, so you can create a universal restraint system. Screw the ice lock to the wall, to furniture, to a collar. The possibilities are endless and we will supply you with everything you need.

You can choose whether you take just the ice lock with two eyelets, just the Segufix pins, the ice lock with restraints or the complete package. If you order the shackles, please measure your wrist as shown in the last picture and indicate the measurement.

Closing time 1h:
Width, length, height: 37 mm x 39 mm x 32 mm
Water volume: 5 ml

Closing time 1.5h:
Width, length, height: 37 mm x 47 mm x 40 mm
Water volume: 7 ml

Color: silver

FrostLock® is a registered trademark!

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