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Gladiators leg irons in very heavy design, adjustable

Gladiators leg irons in very heavy design, adjustable

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Looking for a way to safely keep your prisoners from running away? Try using a kilogram of solid steel on their legs. The heavy link chain will make running even harder. The chain rattle will also give away their location at all times.

The adjustable size in three different levels ensures that the shackles will fit any foot circumference for maximum comfort and safety.

If you're a BDSM enthusiast, these ankle cuffs offer you ultimate control over your captives.
The cuffs have a smooth and shiny finish. They come together on the simple swing hinge, allowing them to open and close smoothly. Three recesses serve as the closure, which determine the circumference of the restraint. Together with a recess on the counter shackle, they can be locked and a separate lock can be passed through each.

So for the application is still needed a padlock, carabiner, shackle or similar to secure the two halves against unwanted opening.

Still reinforce the appearance of heavy dungeon shackles with appropriately sized padlocks!

The following 3 inner circumferences are adjustable:
approx. 26 cm / approx. 28 cm / approx. 30 cm
total length: ca. 62 cm
chain length: ca. 35 cm
Weight: approx. 1.080 g
Surface nickel-plated

Delivery without lock/shackle/carabiner.

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