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Large Darby style neck iron with ring of O

Large Darby style neck iron with ring of O

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Solid neck collar with fixed ring as a historical replica.

The shackle itself is kept round, as a closure serves a straight bar. Connected by a hinge, the result is an interesting look - which makes collectors' hearts beat faster. In addition to the shape and material, the function of this model is also convincing.

Due to the precise manufacturing and the hinge, the bridge swings in smoothly and without any problems. A snap lock ensures that the neck restraint locks automatically. So no key is needed for putting on and closing. This is only used when removing. Simply turning it in is enough to open the snap lock.

The collar is suitable for rather large neck dimensions.

Material: stainless steel

Supplied with one key.

Inner dimensions: 13,5 x 14,5 cm

Inner circumference approx. 43 cm

width approx. 2,1 cm

thickness approx. 0,4 cm

Weight approx. 320 g
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