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Hinged handcuffs, rigid design with two keys

Hinged handcuffs, rigid design with two keys

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If ordinary handcuffs are not restrictive enough for you, reach for these articulated handcuffs. Solidly made with a wide shackle, they offer endless application fun. They click shut very smoothly and can be adjusted over a wide range. The design is extra rigid and extremely secure.

The nickel-plated finish is also less susceptible to moisture and rust.

The double lock prevents them from tightening during use. The handcuffs can be used as a pair or on their own. But be careful, always turn the keyholes away from you, otherwise you won't be able to get out even with the key.

Weight: 400g

Largest position:
73 x 50 mm
Smallest position
43 x 49 mm

Total length: 20 cm
Height: 12 mm
21 locking positions
3 rows of teeth
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