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Ice lock (0,5 - 4 Hours)

Ice lock (0,5 - 4 Hours)

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Unleash your sessions with this innovative ice lock. Attach handcuffs, zip ties or ropes at each end. Use it indoors or outdoors and we guarantee that it will open!

The ultra-compact, ultra-lightweight Ice lock made out of an isolating and robust hard plastic is super easy to use and is extremely safe to use due to the melting ice principle. It will open 100% of the times after the chosen time (as long as the surrounding temperatures are over 20°C).

Our Ice lock is the smallest and the handiest on the market and require the smallest amount of water to achieve the given locking time, only a few millimeters! Before the locks opens, there is almost no fluid spillage since the lock gap is absolutely tiny! Our optimized build stops any turning of the inner part so that one can not manipulate the locking time!

How does the Ice lock work?

The ice lock has an inbuilt hollow chamber system with a maximized isolating effect and locking time. Through the good isolating qualities of the material, one only needs a very small amount of water. The ice lock, which is made out of two parts, is impossible to open once it has been filled and frozen in the freezer. It will open 100% after the locking time, since the ice will simply melt away and release the two interlocking parts of the lock. This physical principle makes the usage of the lock extremely safe!
It is extremely easy to use in combination with small pad locks and handcuffs with chains ( which are also available in our shop). Simply get your frozen lock out of the freezer and attach a handcuff to each end of the lock, and you are good to go!
You can choose locking times between 0,5 and 4 hours!
Please keep in mind that the provided locking times are only an estimate and are influenced by these factors:
- Temperature of your freezer
- Surrounding temperature
- Amount of water filled in
To achieve the best result, please leave your ice lock long enough in the freezer. At least double the locking time.
Technical Information (0,5h – 2h)
Dimensions incl. eyelets: ca. 50 x 50 x 30 mm
Opening width of eyelets: 12 x 5 mm
Water volume: 2 ml (0,5h) bis 15 ml (2h)
Weight: 25 g (0,5h) bis 60 g (2h)

Technical Information (4h)
Diameter: 60 mm
Length: 86 mm
Opening width of eyelets: 12 x 5 mm
Water volume: ca. 50 ml

Here you can see practical examples of the Ice locks:

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