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Irish-8 Custom Handcuffs with Snaplock

Irish-8 Custom Handcuffs with Snaplock

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The handcuffs are modeled after the Irish-8 hand irons. They are fully customizable to fit your wrists perfectly.

Give the bondage games with your partner a new kick with these super constricting and pretty handcuffs.

They feature a very efficient snap closure. You fold both halves together and -click- the restraints are locked. You have never been tied up so fast. Open the handcuffs just as easily with the included key.

Cuff your hands parallel, above your head, in front of your stomach or behind your back. You also have the option to shackle only one wrist to e.g. a bar or a bedpost.
The wrist cuffs are not suitable for self-bondage, because the insertion of the key is difficult or impossible.

Attention very restrictive! Please measure correctly. We add 5 mm to your wrist circumference to ensure a good fit.

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