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MagBound® Handpillory

MagBound® Handpillory

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Before ordering, please read the measurement guide at the end of the description. If you purchased the MagBound® Premium already, please choose the variation without the magnet.

Brace yourself for the newest innovation out of the Selfbondage-Shop! With the Magbound® Handpillory, it is now possible to fully restrain your hands ! Whether it is behind your back, over your head or on your stomach, the handpillory can make your kinky ideas a reality!

The hand pillory closes itself securely due to its own weight. The inbuilt guidance beam makes sure that the pillory is perfectly centered and aligned at all times so that there is no resistance or friction of the two halves. Due to our inbuilt Magbound® Lock, premature opening of the pillory is impossible as long as the lock is connected to a power source. The additional leverage which comes from the pillorys design actually increases the locking strength to around 60kg!

The Magbound® lock which the hand pillory is based around provides all the benefits of the original bestseller! We have offered and produced our lock for years and have sold thousands of items! The lock is completely failproof since a short-circuit, loss of power or a construction error will lead to the lock opening itself.

The hand pillory is of course compatible with all our other products such as the timer and the smartimer which can be operated with the same power sources. For the use without a timer, please consult the table in the pictures for the appropriate locking times.

The opening slots are designed in a circular fashion so that you can still rotate your hands when locked inside. Additionally, the edges are rounded to that comfort is maximized even if locked over a longer period of time.

Thanks to the metal eyelet, the handpillory can also be "hanged up". In combination with a backpack strap for example ( see the pictures) a strong restraining position can be achieved behind ones back.

The holes on either side are meant to serve as further attachment and anchor points for other creative ideas! You can also attach the pillory to a wooden board for a more rustical atmosphere.
For the best fit, please measure your wrist according to the guide in the product picture. Then choose your size. The whole diameter of your hand pillory is mentioned behind.

You can choose between the pillory with an integrated magnet and the version as an accessory for your exiting MagBound® Premium self-bondage lock.

size S - 155 mm wrist circumference - hole diameter 5,6 cm
size M - 165 mm wrist circumference- hole diameter - 6,2 cm
size L - 190 mm wrist circumference- hole diameter - 7,1 cm

Other sizes are available by filling out the customization field. Please specify your wrist circumference AND the desired hole diameter to be sure that your Handpillory will fit.

MagBound® Handpillory

The strap and carabiner are not included in the order!

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