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Magbound® Premium UltraPack!

Magbound® Premium UltraPack!

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We give you everything! You want the whole Premium Self-Bondage experience? Then you need the MagBound® Premium Ultra pack! - This complete pack includes the premium version of our trademark magnetic self-bondage lock with all of possible accessories along with it. You cannot only tie yourself up but realize all your self-bondage dreams. Everything is possible! You have full flexibility with both timers and you can start right off with the included handcuffs. The smart timer is network-ready and enhanceable.

Included in the Ultra pack are:
MagBound® Premium made out of a milled anodized aluminum housing, minimum of 40 kg locking force
Attachment disc with an metal eyelet
Timer for precise locking and time configuration
MagBound® Smart Timer
Chair mount for the MagBound® Premium
Separated stainless steel handcuffs
Wall mount

The MagBound® Premium consists of an electromagnet and a metal disc with an attached metal eyelet, through which various methods of bondage can be applied. The best feature is the locking process. Just by approaching the attachment disc to the Magbound®, the disk will automatically get pulled towards the lock and with a "clicking" sound, will lock automatically. By switching it on, the electromagnetic force locks and holds the attached metal disk to its body very strongly. Sheer Human force cannot remove it. When the Magbound® gets turned off, the metal disk stops being held in place and can simply be pulled off. Therefore, you get a lock which locks automatically and unlike for example, handcuffs, doesn't require manual skill to open, which enhances safety.

Unlike the MagBound® basic the MagBound® Premium time lock has a very durable housing made of an aluminum alloy with a high-grade surface finish. This gives it an elegant appearance and gives the product a long-lasting durability and a high tolerance/resistance when in heavily use. The superior material made it possibly to make the MagBound® Premium smaller and more compact than before.

Because of physical principles, the lock cannot jam or fail in a way it won't open anymore. When the supply of energy is interrupted, it cannot keep locked. Safety is the first priority.

Use a portable charger as a power source! As soon as you plug in the USB-adapter press the charge button on the power bank and the lock is ready to be used. This configuration is absolutely fail safe. The lock will open in any case, whether failure of power or failure of the lock itself. Since the power bank has a limited amount of energy, the lock opens automatically once it is empty. But be careful! Depending on the charger, this can take several hours. Have a look at the table in order to get an idea of the locking times. You can always discharge the battery before using the lock in order to decrease the amount of time or use the Timer for MagBound® for a precise timing. Never plug the USB-cable into a wall power socket without a timer or it will never open.

The locking force is 40 kg minimum or 88 pounds.

Examples of its use can be seen here:

The lock comes without a portable charger (or any other power source).
MagBound® is a registered trademark in Germany.

Dimensions of the Magbound Lock:
Length of Magbound® main housing: 45 mm
Total length including the metal eyes: 90 mm
Diameter: 57 mm

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