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Magbound® Premium BigPack!

Magbound® Premium BigPack!

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With the BigPack you not only receive our Magbound® magnet lock but also acquire a timer and a wall and chair mount, so that you can start right away!

The Magbound® magnetic lock is the next-gen innovation on the self-bondage scene. It locks easily and opens automatically. Make your wildest ideas come true with this 100% secure and safe lock and experience a new aspect of self-bondage! Fully developed and assembled in our workshop in Berlin.

The magnetic lock always opens automatically when the connection to its power source is cut off. This makes the lock 100% safe to use, especially for solo play!

We wanted to create a lock which was not only robust but also elegant. We achieved this by using an anodized aluminum casing with a velveted finish! The lock is hand-assembled and tested in our workshop in Berlin and follows strict guidelines to ensure the best quality and performance. We are proud of the longevity of the Magbound Premium® and offer reliable and free support if any issues or questions do come up.

The lock only needs the connection to a simple power bank to fully function! The Magbound® will be ready to use once you have connected the USB cable and pressed the power button on the power bank. You can use the Magbound® in a variety of ways and in combination with many different mounts and attachments to secure it to different furniture or set a specific lock time!

The lock is active once it is connected to a power source. Once you bring the included attachment disc to the magnet, it will get captured by the magnetic power. This unique closing mechanism allows the lock to be opened and closed without needing your hands. Once there is no power left or connected, the disc can be simply pulled of the magnet!

The construction of the lock is designed in a way that there is no possibility for failure or jamming of the closing mechanism since the connected power bank only has a limited amount of stored power. Once the stored power is used the lock will open, providing a reliable and safe release.

Please consider the size and storage of the used power bank in relation to the locking time when setting up your session. Please see the provided chart in the gallery.

For practical examples of the Magbound® see

With our Magbound® best seller, which has been sold over thousands of times over the years, you are investing into a diverse and intricate system which is constantly being improved and expanded. Combine the Magbound with a number of compatible attachments! Control the lock through the digital timer or the smart timer from our shops! The smart timer is network-ready and enhanceable.

Expand your Magbound® Lock with this gear:

- Dual adapter for the control of two Magbound ® locks
- Loop disc to attach the lock to the D-rings ( for example of leather straps)

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Technical Information:

The locking force is 40 kg minimum or 88 pounds.


Length of metal casing: 45 mm

Total length including the loops: 90 mm

Diameter: 57 mm

Delivery contents:

Magbound® Premium Lock

Digital timer or Smart-timer

Wall mount

Chair Mount


Attachment disc with metal eyelet


The lock comes without the pictured handcuffs, power source or any other equipment which is not listed under the delivery contents.

MagBound® is a registered trademark

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