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MagBound® Smart Timer

MagBound® Smart Timer

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The Smart Timer gets everything out of your MagBound® Time Lock and enables exquisite self-bondage sessions. Set the lock time to the minute using your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or smart TV. View the remaining time on any device. Use the Smart-Timer now with the exclusive random locking mode!

The device has two openings that allow it to be easily attached to objects or furniture. It can also be used to organize the connection cables. Reusable cable ties are included.

The Smart-Timer is a complete in-house development and designed to the highest standards. Its usage is deliberately kept simple to allow quick sessions and avoid misprogramming. The Smart-Timer first acts as a WLAN hotspot. Once connected, you can conveniently communicate with the device via the browser and add your own WLAN. The Smart-Timer then connects to the desired WLAN and integrates seamlessly into your home network. You can access it through all devices in the network that run a browser. No app installation is necessary. You can also look forward to free updates and software extensions with new and exciting function, which can be purchased in our store.

The random mode is simple and effective! Just set the maximum time and press start. The lock will activate itself, but the random time will be displayed after one minute. In this time, you will have time to tie yourself up, and when you find out the result, there will be no turning back!

Simply use the smart timer instead of the MagBound® digital timer. The safety function is maintained by using a power bank. This means that even if the lock is incorrectly programmed or defective, it will open once the power bank is empty.

A REST API with documentation is available, which can be used to create your own scripts. You can also join our Dischord channel via this link:

The interface is in English, but consists of a few terms only.

The MagBound® lock and other accessories are not included.

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