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MagBound® Wooden Pillory for Selfbondage

MagBound® Wooden Pillory for Selfbondage

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This pillory can be made to your measurements. Simply input your desired diametre for the hands and feet holes upon ordering.

Do you dream of being locked away in a pillory and having no one there to save you? Then you need our most ambitious product: the Self bondage pillory that will lock you up safely for a programmable time. Feel helpless and let the massive device punish and humiliate you, just like in the Middle Ages.

The pillory is made of high quality and sturdy wood with a waxed finish, making it virtually indestructible. The stainless-steel hinge and centering on both sides ensure smooth opening and closing. With pillory’s of this design, both halves often shift against each other, causing hands to slip out or get caught. Our homemade design actively makes this fault impossible.
An elastic band, will ensure that you will have no trouble closing the pillory by your own hands, as its tension pull both halves together automatically.

The built-in strong electromagnet keeps the pillory locked automatically when both halves approach each other, or when the pillory has been folded together. The closing time can be conveniently programmed using the built-in timer. Simply set a countdown from a few minutes to several hours and fold the pillory shut. The timer’s placement at the bottom of the pillory means that it will be out of reach for you so that you can no longer free yourself. Our pillory only opens after the set time has expired or when the power supply is depleted. Due to the rubber band, both halves can be opened gently, so there is no risk of injury.

To operate the pillory, you only need a power bank as a power supply. This can be conveniently fixed to the pillory. Choose the size of the power bank according to the given table. In case the timer is programmed incorrectly or malfunctions, the pillory will not open until the time specified in the table. The pillory is fail-safe. It opens 100% even in case of malfunction. Thus, it allows safe solo play.

Other features:
- Rounded edges in hand and foot openings to minimize risk of pinching.
- Cable, electromagnet, and timer completely integrated, only a power bank is required
- The Pillory can be integrated into a BDSM Dungeon, e.g. for trestle, pillory stand, etc. outdoor play possible (completely transportable and independent of power outlets)

• Opening diameter for hands: 65mm
• Opening diameter for neck: 120mm
• Length: 100cm
• Width: 19cm
• Thickness: 30mm
• Weight: 4,0 kg

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