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MakeItRigid stiffener for Clejuso 13 or 15

MakeItRigid stiffener for Clejuso 13 or 15

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Exclusively in our shop: The MakeItRigid stiffening link for your Clejuso 13 or 15 handcuffs. The self-developed stiffening link consists of two parts. The handcuffs are inserted into the lower part and then the upper part is screwed on using the screws provided. The corresponding pins ensure easy centring. The nuts for the screws are incorporated into the plastic.

Once assembled, the Clejuso 13 or 15 handcuffs offer even greater security thanks to the significantly reduced room for manoeuvre. The restraining effect of the strong shackles is also more effective. Another advantage is that the heavy lock housings no longer pull on the wrists as the weight is now evenly distributed.

We offer the reinforcement in two variants. In variant A, the chain is elongated and the hand openings are angled. In variant B, the hand openings are parallel and the chain runs in an arc.

Screws and nuts are included in the scope of delivery. A standard 5 mm hexagon spanner or a bit is required for assembly.

Available as an accessory or together with original Clejuso 13 or 15 handcuffs.

Please note that your Clejuso 13 or 15 handcuffs must be at least 5.9 cm apart when the chain is taut. Older models may not be compatible.

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