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Massive Neckiron with Padlock for BDSM

Massive Neckiron with Padlock for BDSM

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The cold steel of the neck iron nestles around the neck. Inescapably, the padlock clicks shut.

The massive but not obtrusive neck iron is closed with a bolt from the inside and secured with a padlock. The lock also serves as a tag for everyone to see. Replace the padlock with a heart-shaped or a colored one, depending on your taste. In addition, the choker can be used as a slave collar with chains or ropes.

The stainless steel finish is extremely high quality and durable. The choker can also be worn in water without any problems. Only the padlock must be operated from time to time, so that it still remains viable.

The choker is suitable for bondage games of all kinds. It is very easy to attach chains to the lock. Due to the thick design, it does not lace off so easily when you pull on it.

The choker is made of high quality stainless steel with a polished surface. It is therefore very durable and can also easily come into contact with moisture and water.

Inner circumference: selectable

Weight: approx. 315 g

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