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Massive stainless steel eternity anklets with rings

Massive stainless steel eternity anklets with rings

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Feet are beautiful body parts. They deserve more attention and what better way than to highlight them with shimmering golden, solid, and everlasting rings?
These ankle rings are designed in an oval shape for a perfect fit and are carefully rounded so that no skin is damaged when they are closed and worn.
The included O rings can be used to bind the ankles together or fix them to objects or body parts. This way the embellishing anklets become very efficient restraints.
The ankle rings are made of high-quality stainless steel and polished to a high shine. They are closed with tiny set screws. They can then only be opened with a hex wrench.
For maximum security you can fix the screws with superglue and/or work the screw with a drill, then no escape is possible, and your slave is safely locked.
Attention, walking can become uncomfortable over time. You will then be reminded at every step that you are only something to be owned.
Delivery includes two spare screws and two keys.
Weight: approx 220 g
You can choose between different sizes.

Circumference 203 mm:
Inside dimensions: 74 x 55

Circumference 216 mm:
Inside dimensions: 80 x 59 mm

Circumference 241 mm:
Inner dimensions: 89 x 68 mm

Circumference 267 mm:
Inner dimensions: 97 x 75 mm

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