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New design: selfbondage chair mount with time lock - variable locking time

New design: selfbondage chair mount with time lock - variable locking time

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Choose the set if you do not yet have an ice lock or the holder to use the existing ice lock.

Start your self-bondage session with this innovative holder for chairs, furniture, walls or other fixed objects. Attach handcuffs, cable ties or ropes to both ends of the inserted ice lock. Suitable for indoors and outdoors. Guaranteed to open!

The chair holder can be screwed tight or easily attached to fixed objects with cable ties (included).

The lock can be inserted into the holder on one side with the inner part first. Once you have fixed your hands to the ends, the ice lock can no longer be pulled out of the holder. Only when the ice inside has melted can both ends be removed from the holder.

The ultra-compact, ultra-light ice lock made of insulating, robust hard plastic is very easy to use and extremely safe thanks to the principle of melting ice. It is guaranteed to open after the specified time (ambient temperature 20°C or higher).
It is the most compact, lightest ice lock on the market and requires the smallest amount of water, just a few milliliters! Virtually no water escapes before opening as the gap is very small. The optimized design does not allow the inner part to rotate, so the opening time cannot be manipulated.

How does the ice lock work?

Inside it is a hollow chamber system for maximum insulating effect and closing time. Due to the good insulating effect, only a very small amount of water is required. Once filled with water and frozen in the freezer, the two-part ice lock keeps the lid firmly closed. However, it is guaranteed to open 100% after the time has elapsed due to the melting ice and the two parts with the eyelets can be separated again. This makes the lock very safe to use.

The easiest way to use it is with small padlocks and handcuffs with the chain removed (also available in the store). Take the frozen lock out of the freezer, attach a handcuff to each end and off you go!

The locking time is one hour.
Please note that the closing time is approximate and depends on several factors:
- Settings/temperature of the freezer
- Ambient temperature
- Fill quantity

For maximum closing time, leave the ice lock in the freezer long enough, at least twice the closing time.

Technical information (1h - 2h):
Dimensions incl. eyelets: approx. 50 x 50 x 30 mm
Opening width of eyelets: 12 x 5 mm
Water volume: 8 ml (1h) to 15 ml (2h)
Weight: 40 g (1h) to 60 g (2h)
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