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Police Steel Ankle Cuffs with Chain

Police Steel Ankle Cuffs with Chain

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Is your sub feisty and like to run away? Let’s see them try escaping after having these high-quality ankle cuffs clicked around their ankles! The connecting chain will always some freedom of movement, but it will be very uncomfortable. If worst come to worst, you can still drag your slave behind you.

The ankle cuffs are just as easy to put on as they are to take off. The procedure is the same as with traditional handcuffs. They also have a double lock function. Once activated, they cannot accidentally tighten. The chain is made of welded links with pivot bearings. This is both incredibly resilient and beautiful to look at.

The clamps have a symmetrical design and are made of nickel-plated steel. They cuffs are supplied with two keys.

Circumference: 180 - 255 mm
Smallest opening: 65 x 57 mm
Largest opening: 90 x 67 mm
Chain length: approx. 44 cm
Total length: approx. 68 cm
Weight: 450 g

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