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Random+ Software addon for Smart Timer

Random+ Software addon for Smart Timer

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Expand the possibilities of your Smart Timer with these two exciting new functions!

1. Lock mode
If lock mode is active, you will not be able to operate the user interface once the timer has started, so no reset or stop is possible. This way you can still use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop during the session without resetting the timer.

2. Random Plus mode
If you want to be able to set the random mode better, this mode is ideal. Here you can set a minimum time and also give different time slots different probabilities. How about a "jackpot" that adds an hour?

Would you like an ultimate mental kick with a low probability for a very long closing time? Then set the following values:
70 % 0.5 hours
20 % 1 hour
10 % 3 hours

Attention: The Smart Timer could fail or be programmed incorrectly. Therefore, always use a power bank that is empty after a sufficiently short time.

After purchase, you will receive a download file with the software update, which you only need to install on your Smart Timer.

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