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Remote Light software for smart timer

Remote Light software for smart timer

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You would like to control your partner from afar? With the Remote Light Update, you have the possibility to manipulate the closing time of the MagBound time lock during a session. You can increase, decrease, and pause the locking time. The lock will remain closed while you do the adjustments. Of course, you can also decide when the lock opens.

Please note that you need a software to remotely control your sub's computer, e.g. Zoom, Teamviewer, Teams or something similar. This will give you a direct way to communicate with your sub via camera and sound so that a complete control from a distance is possible.

Here is a summary of the new features of the update:
Increase or decrease time by 5 minutes
Increase or decrease time by 1 hour
Pause time (the lock stays closed)
Reset time (the lock opens)

ATTENTION: If the internet connection is lost or the software crashes, you will not be able to free your sub. Make sure that the session is always terminated in time by a depleted power source and that help is ready in case of emergency.
After your purchase, you will receive a download file with the software update, which you only need to install on your Smart Timer.

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