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Rigid Stainless Steel Hand iron with Allen Screw

Rigid Stainless Steel Hand iron with Allen Screw

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The rigid folding hand iron lets you feel the merciless cold of solid steel. There is no escape and even with a key it is difficult to impossible to break free. It has a grub screw and once locked, both halves are fixed without play or wobble. Despite the stiff design, the hand iron is delicately shaped and comparatively light. The round profile ensures comfortable carrying just like the bar between the hands.

The rigid hand iron in heavy design fits very tightly around the wrists, for minimal freedom of movement. It can be opened by pushing in the enclosed key and closed again by a snap lock.
The restraint is not suitable for self-bondage, as it is difficult to open and turn the angle key. Use it best in partner games, play parties or at least under supervision of another person.

Material: stainless steel
Diameter of the round profile: 10.5 mm
Supplied with angle wrenches.


Width / height 54x46
Inner circumference 155 mm
Total length 15,5 cm
260 g



Width / height 63x52
Inner circumference 165 mm
Total length 16,5 cm
260 g


Width / height: 58x50
Inner circumference: 190 mm
Total length: 16 cm
280 g

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