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Very heavy leg irons with large chain in black

Very heavy leg irons with large chain in black

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Discover the ultimate massive ankle cuffs - the perfect choice for those who want it a little heavier. The thick chain links create authentic dungeon rattling when walking and provide the right mood.
The shackles are rounded, making them comfortable to wear for longer periods of time.

With their elegant black finish, these shackles add a mysterious touch to your game. At the same time, the exterior is deliberately kept rustic so that the surface is not closed.

A unique feature of these ankle cuffs is the dirt protection cap for the lock. This protects the lock from dust, dirt and other debris, ensuring long-term functionality and reliability. Especially for longer restraints, it is worthwhile to put on both caps. This way you also signal to the prisoner what to expect.

Weight: 1200 g
Inner dimension 80 x 86 mm
shackle thickness 12 mm
Chain length 41 cm
Total length incl. locks: 68 cm
Delivery with 2 keys and bag

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