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Selfbondage Playbook Vol. 3 - The show must go on

Selfbondage Playbook Vol. 3 - The show must go on

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Where there are two parts, there is also a third part with new, unpublished adventures. Included are exciting, sometimes more complicated tasks that you will certainly not have experienced before. Each scenario offers unique challenges and allows you to experience the thrill of self-bondage in a new way.
You will receive 5 brand new scenarios, each with an illustration to try out. There are also hints for implementation and suggestions on how to make the scenarios more difficult or easier. This should give you a clear idea of how to perform the positions.
The Playbook 3 not only offers you exciting scenarios, but also contains important tips and tricks to make your experience safe and responsible.
You are of course free to use a release method other than the ice and magnetic locks we offer in all scenarios.
So get ready to experience something new, get to know yourself and your limits and give your existing equipment a new lease of life.

You will receive a PDF file that is optimized for reading on a tablet or smartphone. This means you can take the instructions with you wherever you go.
A total of 7 double pages with:
Foreword and warnings
5 scenarios (including 3 for ice lock or magnetic lock and 2 with simple releases)
5 black and white illustrations
Including safety rules, hints, tips and tricks.

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