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Snaphook plate for Magbound® Magnetic Lock

Snaphook plate for Magbound® Magnetic Lock

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From now on, locking at the beginning of the session will be even easier. Use the extension plate with your MagBound® Basic or Premium. The snap hook allows you to click in easily. You only need matching cuffs or handcuffs with a fixed D-ring or eyelet.

Once the eyelet is clicked in, you can't free yourself one-handed. Once the MagBound® lock opens, you are free again.

The Snap Hook Plate is super for the Spread Eagle on the St. Andrew's Cross, bed, or wall. Another advantage is that you no longer need to attach the eyelet disc to your wrist. This way you can make more preparations without having to carry the weight around. Sessions can thus be started more spontaneously.

You can also click in other restraints. There are no limits to your imagination here. You just have to make sure that you cannot get to the disc with two hands, because otherwise you can free yourself.

Delivery without magnetic lock, wall holder, handcuffs.

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