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Spiked band / penitential belt / cilicium for punishment and self-punishment

Spiked band / penitential belt / cilicium for punishment and self-punishment

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The spiked belt is a sadistic toy for beginners and advanced users. Simple and effective: the spikes dig into the skin depending on the tension of the belt and cause constant pain.

The penitential belt (cilicium) of the Opus Dei order served as inspiration. It was used to remind the wearer of his own worthlessness and subservience.

Three degrees of pain - harsh, brutal and merciless - ensure that everything from light play to severe torture is possible. Experiment with the degrees of pain and have the complete set delivered straight away. Creative sadists can come up with lots of ideas with the barbed tape! How about strapping the tape around your partner's lower legs and making her sit on it? Or maybe under the soles of her feet? Pressure on the barbed tape, whether by changing position or by hand, leads to a sharp and painful sensation. Self-bondage sessions get a special kick: a slight shift in weight can trigger sensations ranging from mild to excruciating.

Once applied, the spiked strap leads to long, exciting sessions with little effort.

Kink in everyday life only works if nobody notices? No problem! Whether in 24/7 relationships or in play sessions in public, with this toy you can live out your dynamic subtly and effectively everywhere - in the office, on the bus and in restaurants.

Also a spiky eye-catcher as kinky party wear!

The spiked belt is supplied with 10 double spiked elements, the last of which has a stop function to prevent the spikes from slipping. The very durable polyester strap supplied allows easy tensioning and readjustment.

The belt is suitable for all body circumferences and can be shortened as required. Melt the end with a lighter to prevent it from fraying.

Belt width: 20 mm

Belt thickness: 1.5 mm

Strap length: 1.3 m

Spike height: 10 mm

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