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Spiked band / penitential belt / cilicium for punishment and self-punishment

Spiked band / penitential belt / cilicium for punishment and self-punishment

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The spiked band comes in three levels of pain. Devotion is the easiest, followed by Brutal and for the really tough ones Merciless is suitable. Of course, the pain can also be intensified by tightening the strap.

When boredom comes up during the self-bondage session, it's time for an extra kick. With the spiked strap you are guaranteed never to get bored. The prongs drill into the skin and remind you again and again of your helplessness and being at the mercy of others. You can squirm all you want, the spikes create a constant pain.

The penitential belt (cilice) of the Opus Dei order served as inspiration. It too serves to remind the wearer of his own worthlessness and servility.
The spiked belt is also suitable to be worn under clothing. This way you can bring BDSM into your everyday life and make boring meetings more interesting.

Besides, if you wear the strap around your belly, you will automatically eat less. After all, prisoners also always get meager rations.

The spiked belt comes with 10 double spiked elements, two of which have a stop function so that when you put them on, the spikes won't slip. Also included is a polyester strap with strap end that allows for tensioning and readjustment. Thus, you can determine the tension and thus the pain itself.

The spiked strap is best worn on the thighs and the abdomen. The thinner the skin and the less fat, the more the belt will hurt.

Before using the belt in a session, wear it for trial to estimate the pain.

The belt is sufficiently long and can be easily shortened with scissors if necessary. Soda the end with a lighter so that it does not fray.

Belt width: 20 mm
Belt thickness: 1.5 mm
Belt length: 1.3 m
Spike height: 10 mm

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