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Stainless steel lockable belt, waist restraint, with O-ring

Stainless steel lockable belt, waist restraint, with O-ring

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The somewhat different accessory, a lockable belt with a practical fastening ring. The waistband is folded closed and secured with an Allen screw. The O-ring can be threaded on beforehand, but the belt can also be used without the ring.

Outfit your slave with beautiful, captivating jewelry, he will be delighted. The belt can be worn on top of clothing but of course also underneath. It is also perfect for locking and securing corsets. It is impossible to open without a key.

The ergonomic shape fits perfectly around the waist. With our different sizes, there is something for you too.

Feel the cold steel on your sensitive skin! Waist training is also possible. Go for a walk with the shackles completely hidden. Or deliberately wear the belt open as a rave accessory!

Of course, the waist restraint is also suitable for the bedroom. Ropes or chains can be attached to the O-ring. Hands or feet can also be attached to the ring. On the other hand, by wearing it, you can very obviously invite your man to a session.

The choice of material means you get a robust, durable product. Stainless steel does not rust and is very resilient. The polished finish adds to the value.

To select your size, please measure your Please note that due to the large dimensions, the size specifications may vary by +- 5 mm.

Thickness: 10 mm
Inner diameter O-ring: 25 mm
Weight: approx. 600 g
Key: allen key 2 mm

Circumference 620 mm
Inner dimensions 210x165 mm

circumference 670 mm
Inner dimensions 230x180 mm

Circumference 720 mm
Inner dimensions 245x200 mm

circumference 790 mm
Inner dimensions 280x225 mm

circumference 815 mm
Inner dimensions 285x230 mm

circumference 920 mm
Inner dimensions 320x250 mm
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