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Steel Hand and Neck Pillory

Steel Hand and Neck Pillory

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With this pillory you can serve in a secretary manner. It securely fixes your hands and restricts your freedom of movement so that any activity with your hands becomes exhausting or impossible. For example, you can no longer bring a drink to your mouth and use your hands at the same time.

The metal cuff, which is modeled after medieval times, is very suitable for S&M and bondage games with your partner or for kinky parties. Maybe you will find someone to help you drink.

First, the hands are fixed at the ends and both halves are connected with the enclosed key. Then the neck is inserted and locked in the front or back. Escape is not possible without a second person, even with the key.

For further restrictions the attached ring can be used. Thus, the slave or slave can be easily parked on a pillar.

Size M:
Hands: 65x50 mm (circumference 173 mm).
Neck: 143x130 mm (circumference 425 mm)
Weight: 2,2 kg
Size L:
Hands: 72x58 mm (circumference 217 mm)
Neck: 158x145 mm (circumference 485 mm)
Weight: 2,4 kg

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