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Premium stainless steel thumbcuffs

Premium stainless steel thumbcuffs

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Handcuffs are not restrictive enough for you? Then you can use the thumb cuffs to effectively prevent your slave from twisting his wrists or moving them freely.

But even with the thumb cuffs only, the freedom of movement is clearly restricted. All it takes is a rope looped around the thumb cuffs and attached to the bedpost and your slave is helpless.

The thumb cuffs are simple and effective. The inner shape holds the thumbs securely without squeezing the skin.

They are not well suited for self-bondage, even if self-release is possible with a little dexterity.

The thumb cuffs are made of high-quality steel and are neatly finished and then brushed polished (stainless steel option) or have a matte finish (carbon steel option).

The scope of delivery includes the thumb cuffs, two keys and a holster. If you misplace the key, the thumb cuffs can also be opened with a flat-blade screwdriver.

Due to the adjustment possibilities, the thumb cuffs are suitable for all thumb sizes.

Length: 100 mm
Height: 36 mm
thickness: 7 mm

largest opening width: 25 x 22 mm
smallest: opening width: 20 x 12 mm
Closing positions: 7
Weight: 105 g
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