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Thin locking jewelry bangles with key

Thin locking jewelry bangles with key

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Supplied as a pair with two keys without removable rings.

The 6 mm thin stainless steel bangles set new standards in captivating jewelry. Finely crafted yet fully lockable and therefore 100% functional, they are the perfect choice. Give your sub captivating jewelry that no one else will recognize! With these bangles, you can move around in public without your fetish being recognized. The elegant and ergonomic bangles adorn and shine in everyday life.

You can also wear two bangles on the same wrist and enjoy the metallic sound.

The bangles have a very ergonomic shape and fit perfectly on the wrist. The wrist ring can also be worn 24/7 without any problems. So you can easily mark your possessions. The bracelets can only be removed with the matching key.

You can then get started immediately in the bedroom. Connect the rings and thus the hands using a chain, rope or cable tie and you can tie up your slave effectively and comfortably.

Matching ring pendants (can be ordered as an option) can be removed or attached when open, depending on your mood!

Available in different sizes
Thickness approx. 6 mm
Material: Stainless steel, optionally powder-coated or gold-plated
Closure: Hexagon socket screw (almost invisible)
2 keys included in the scope of delivery

Circumference 150 mm
Inner dimensions: 56 x 40 mm

Circumference 170 mm
Inner dimensions 62 x 45 mm

Circumference 180 mm
Inner dimensions 66 x 48 mmCircumference 185 mm
Inner dimensions 68 x 48 mm

Circumference 190 mm
Inner dimensions 71 x 51 mm

Circumference 220 mm
Inner dimensions 75 x 65 mm

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