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Timer for MagBound® time lock

Timer for MagBound® time lock

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The perfect accessory for your MagBound®. The timer controls the MagBound® Selfbondage lock. With the help of the timer, the closing time can be set precisely to the second.

The timer is connected to the MagBound® and the power bank. It cuts off the power after the countdown. If the timer should fail or was programmed incorrectly, the lock opens as soon as the power bank is empty.

Once you have set up to Timer, its use is very simple. The minutes and hours can be changed individually. Once you have set the time, you only have to press the "start" button and your lock will only be powered for the set time!

A more detailed guide is provided in the included Manual.

Examples of its use can be seen here:

Not included:
- screws
- padlock
- MagBound® time lock

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