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Solid stainless steel shackles with key lock and link

Solid stainless steel shackles with key lock and link

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The handcuffs are solidly made and extremely effective. Thanks to their integrated plug-in lock, the closure is simple and compact, no padlock rattles and the locking process is very quick. The look of brushed stainless steel looks valuable and shapely.

The handcuffs are rounded all over and therefore very comfortable to wear. Even if you pull on them, the cuffs do not cut in.

The connecting link binds the hands so tightly together that the restrained person cannot free himself. However, it is also possible to connect the shackles with a longer chain or other elements. There are no limits to the imagination.

The shackles are 22 mm high and 5 mm thick.

Size S:
Inner dimension: 57 x 47 mm
Inner circumference: 165 mm
393 g weight
Suitable for small wrists with a wrist circumference of approx. 150 - 165 mm.

Size M:
Inner dimensions: 65 x 53 mm
Inner circumference: 195 mm
393 g weight
Suitable for medium-sized wrists with a circumference of 165 - 190 mm.
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