Collection: Ice Locks

Our magnetic locks unify countless advantages for self-bondage sessions and allow for
completely new creative scenes: They are able to lock extremely easily,
especially with an existing decreased mobility or impaired senses (ex. blindfolded).
For example: If you want to tie up your hands separately from one another, you will
need one of our magnetic locks. While one hand is already tied up, you can
connect the other hand with the metal connector disc of the lock. Then, bring
the disc close to the magnetic lock and physical forces will close the lock automatically magnetically.

Another reason for our magnetic locks is the incredible security they bring with them. Since
the system is run on battery and needs electricity to keep the lock closed, it
will open eventually. Either the battery will eventually die or something else
happens which stops the flow of electricity. The lock is designed to be
completely fail-safe. Even if there is a defect, the lock will open
automatically. You can hardly do something wrong with our self-bondage magnetic
lock, not like a traditional lock where the key could break or be stuck in the mechanism.

Tie yourself with ropes, chains, or any kinds of handcuffs to the lock and enjoy
the diverse bondage-positions. For example: you can tie yourself up behind your
back and attach yourself against different object, furniture, walls, and
surfaces and become a helpless prisoner of yourself. Choose the time, in which
you want to be a slave, by attaching a power bank with the appropriate charge
as a battery and order the exclusive timer, where you can manually input the
exact time, you desire.

You will receive a self-opening and self-locking lock and will not require a SM-partner
to indulge yourself in your needs. You can now choose, when and where you want
to be tied up. The lock is also very handy to be taken anywhere you want. While
the ice locks for example will melt while traveling, you can take our magnetic
locks and their power source with you and start using them once you are ready
to go! With this, you can always change your sessions to serve your needs,
inside or in nature!

All of our magnetic locks go through multiple tests and have the highest level of quality
and have a very long life-expectation, when used in the appropriate context. If
the need arises, our personal customer service and guidance will of course be
available to you.

Like all our products, we ship the magnetic locks completely discreet to protect your
privacy by having a private address as the sender and using neutral packaging.
There will be no sign of what you ordered without opening the package.